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lifestyle diseases and Ayurveda

lifestyle diseases and Ayurveda

Views: 26 | Updated On: | By Dr. Rachana Jangir

All disease that develops as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle is collectively referred to as “lifestyle disorders”. Lifestyle diseases are caused by the way we live, and by changing our lifestyles, improving our diets, and encouraging healthy host-environment interactions, we can prevent these diseases and minimize their impact on us.

The most common lifestyle diseases include hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, polycystic ovarian diseases Arthritis, Insomnia, etc. which, in today's world, cause the majority of deaths. These lifestyle disorders affect not only health but also the natural comfort of well-being. Ayurveda provides a potent solution for this common issue through proper food management, lifestyle advice, Panchkarma detoxification, and bio-purification treatments, drugs, and rejuvenation therapies.

Ayurveda is a system of knowledge that incorporates the dynamic of life, what is good for life and what is bad for life, and what makes life happy and what makes it unpleasant in terms of the body, mind, spirit, and society. Ayurveda offers a number of regimens, including Ahara and Vihar (dietary practices and daily routines), for the management of lifestyle disorders. Panchkarma (five cleansing and bio-purification therapies), Dinacharya (daily regimen), Ritucharya (seasonal regimen), and Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapies Maintaining a joyful and healthy psychological perspective involves sticking to the Aachara Rasayana and Sadvritta, which are ideal routines.

All of these diseases are brought on by an increase in sedentary lifestyle habits, work demands, a competitive lifestyle, and a speedy desire for success, among other factors. Other contributing factors for lifestyle disorders include stress, mental instability, lack of exercise or excessive exercise, eating low fat-high protein, high carbohydrate foods, unnecessary use of minerals and vitamins, unhealthy diet patterns, improper sleep patterns, smoking, use of tobacco, use of alcohol, use of narcotic drugs, lack of exercise, etc.

The world is becoming more interested in Ayurveda since it is acknowledged as the most important branch of life science and offers guidance on how to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases. Better solutions are offered by Ayurveda in the form of healthy food management, lifestyle suggestions, and Panchakarma treatments for purification and detoxification, medications, and rejuvenation therapies. Ayurveda is a fantastic treatment choice for lifestyle disorders because of its holistic approach, which treats the patient as a whole and focuses treatments on total physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.




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