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What happens if we stay awake at night?

What happens if we stay awake at night?

Views: 8 | Updated On: | By Dr. Rachana Jangir

Vata and Pitta are aggravated by staying awake at night. Constipation, weakness, giddiness, loss of focus, hyperacidity, burning eyes, and scorching hands and feet are some of the problems brought on by this.

K If due to unavoidable reasons a person has to keep awake at night, he should sleep half hours of the night's sleep the next day morning, before taking any food. Also for the next 2-3 days he should gently massage his body with smoothening oil and eat a soft diet.

Indications for keeping awake at night- Persons with Kapha constitution and Kaphaja disorders,

• Obese persons,

• Persons who are poisoned,

• Persons taking a diet rich in fat.




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