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Varnya Mahakashaya-Introduction,Varnya dravya, Mode of action of Varnya mahakashya dravya

Varnya Mahakashaya-Introduction,Varnya dravya, Mode of action of Varnya mahakashya dravya

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Ayurveda is a pioneer and one of the oldest medicines. In Ayurveda, the skin color is called Varna and has a variety of physiological and pathological effects. Varnya, on the other hand, is a classic term for restoring and maintaining the natural skin texture and skin tone .

Varnya Mahakashaya is the 8th group of 50 Mahakashaya, described in Charak Sutrasthan chapter 4 and contains 10 drugs. The mechanism of action of the herbs mentioned in Varnya Mahakashya is maintaining skin complextion.

According to Charaka samhita, The Dravya of Varnya Mahakashaya are tikta-madhur rasatmak(bitter-sweat in test), rakta prasadak(blood purifier) and kaph pittashamak(pacifies kapha and pitta).

These medicines are used either internally or externally, either individually or in combination in a variety of ways.

A drug that improves the appearance of the skin complexion is known as Varnya. Skin complexion is nothing but a natural color and texture.

Ayurveda’s main motive is to cure disease and prevent disease or illness. Ayurveda is a comprehensive and ancient science that provides information on all medical conditions.

चन्दनतुङ्गपद्मकोशीरमधुकमञ्जिष्ठासारिवापयस्यासितालता इति दशेमानि वर्ण्यानि भवन्ति(charak samhita)

According to Aacharya charak,Dravyas in Varnya Mahakashaya Includes-shwet chandan, manjishtha, padmak, sariva, nagkeshar, ushir, yashtimadhu, neel (harita) durva, shwet durva, kshirvidari.

S.N. - Dravya name- Latin name- Family

1. Shwet Chandan- Antalum album -Santalaceae

2. Padamak -Prunus cyrasodius- Rosaceae

3. Nagkeshar -Mesua ferrea- Guttiferae

4. Ushir- Vetiveria zizaniodis -Gramineae

5. Manjishtha- Rubia cordifolia- Rubiaceae

6. Sariva- Hemidesmus indicus- Asclepiadaceae

7. Shwet durva-Cynodon dactylon -Graminaceae

8. Neel-Cynodon dactylon -Graminaceae

9. Yashtimadhu- Glycyrrhiza glabra -Leguminosae

10. Kshirvidari -Ipomoia digitata- Leguminosae.

Varnya dravya has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential so it improve skin complextion and itching.

Mode of action of Varnya dravya according to Ayurveda

Varnya dravyas when used externally or internally acts on Bhrajaka Pitta. Bhrajaka pitta is an important factor related with Varna (complexion). and Ushna virya(hot potency) stimulates Bhrajaka Pitta and does Raktavardhana so helps absorb the medicines applied externally and improves Varna (complexion).

Madhura rasatmaka dravyas increase the production of Rasa, Rakta, Majja, Shukra, Oja which in turn acts on Varna.

Madhura-Tikta rasa, and Sheeta virya has Pittaghna action.

Madhura rasa and Sheeta Virya act as Ojovardhaka and thus helps enhancing skin complexion.

Madhura rasa, Madhura Vipaka, Ushna virya has Vataghna action and hence removes blackishness.

Stickiness and increased fluidity is an indicator of impurities in the blood. Kashaya and Tikta Rasatmaka dravyas absorb Kleda and cools down Pitta. It therefore results in purification of blood.

It relieves the blood of excess fluidity and stickiness. And this way leads to Varna Prasadana.

So we can say that Dravyas(herbs) in Varnya Mahakashaya act as Varnya, Raktaprasadak, Raktavardhaka, Raktashodhaka, Ojovardhaka, Pittaghna and Vataghna.

Varnya Mahakashaya not only works on blood but also acts as filtering agent of blood in body, example- Liver.

So Ayurveda physican should use these herbs in different combinations and forms to treat patients to obtain glowing skin and skin complexion.




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