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Seasonal routine(Ritucharya) in Ayurveda

Seasonal routine(Ritucharya) in Ayurveda

Views: 2 | Updated On: | By Dr. Rachana Jangir

Ritucharya (seasonal routine) Ayurvedic literature divides the whole year into six seasons and recommends a specific dietary regimen for each season, including:

1. Spring season:

Hot, astringent and bitter foods are recommended.

Eat barley, wheat, honey syrup, and fruits such as mango and jackfruit

Avoid sweet, salty and sour foods.

2. Summer season:

Liquid, cold, sweet and oily diet is recommended.

Eat rice, sugar, ghee, and drink milk and coconut water.

Avoid excessive spicy, hot, salty, and sour diet.

3. Rainy season:

Hot, sour, sweet, salty, dry, and easily digestible foods are recommended.

Eat wheat, barley, rice, and mutton soup.

4. Pre-winter and winter seasons:

Hot, sour, sweet and salty diet is recommended.

Have rice, sugarcane, oils and fats.

5. Autumn season:

Bitter, pungent and sweet foods are recommended.

Consume ghee processed with bitter drugs.

Following a light diet and blood-letting and purgation are recommended.




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