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Rosacea -introduction,types symptoms and treatment

Rosacea -introduction,types symptoms and treatment

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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease that typically affects the face. It results in redness, pimples, swelling and small, superficial dilated blood vessels. Flare-ups often occur in cycles. Symptoms are often recurring and it worsens with time if left not treated. Rosacea is more common among fair-skinned people. Rosacea is not contagious.

Ayurveda for Rosacea- Rosacea is Pitta dominant disorder. Redness and burning sensation are the predominant Rosacea is believed to emanate from a pitta imbalance and solutions focus on bringing your pitta dosha into balance. Since there is no medical cure for rosacea in allopathic medicine, paying attention to the internal factors that cause the condition are crucial to help manage the symptoms.

According to ayurveda Someone with a pitta imbalance is considered to have a hot body and internal temp. according to so Ayurveda uses a category of herbs to cleanse the blood To manage the symptoms of rosacea, ayurvedic healing mostly recommends pacifying the pitta exacerbation by personalising a diet of cool, sweet and stabilizing foods should replace foods that are sour, salty or pungent. Try a pitta-pacifying diet.

Skip your skin-aggravating morning face wash for honey. Apply a layer of honey to the face before jumping in and remove with a warm washcloth while in the shower. A chamomile compress can be very helpful when experience a flare up, as chamomile is an excellent natural treatment for the redness. A cold cucumber paste applied to the skin can also provide rapid relief. Pitta balancing yoga poses like boat, bridge and chair will also help

Types of Rosacea

1) Vascular Rosacea - commonest type, characterized by persistent redness on the face. Small blood vessels beneath the skin surface may become enlarged and visible, Skin becomes dry, sensitive, rough and scaly. There may be burning sensation over the skin. Without treatment, the redness can get more persistent, cover more skin, and even become permanent.

2) Acne Rosacea It is associated with whitehead pustules, which are pus-filled blemishes, and red, swollen bumps. Skin is usually very red, oily and sensitive.

3) Rhinophyma rare form of Rosacea characterized by a large, red, bumpy or bulbous nose. It can occur as part of phymatous rosacea. The exact cause of rhinophyma is unknown, but it's include a subtype of severe rosacea. This condition is significantly more common in men.

4) Ocular rosacea It is redness,tearing sensation, dryness and irritation in the eyes with swollen eyelids.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Rosacea- As per the symptoms of the patient, Rakta mokshan, virecha n and Vaman are planned as per the need. Different medicines are planned according to Pitta Kapha Dominant Symptoms.

Rosacea can get worse if there is a tendency of eating spicy food and alcohol consumption. Here is a set of Ayurvedic Medicines options for Rosacea skin condition that could fetch great results-

1. Turmeric- Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can treat a range of skin diseases such as skin aging, hyperpigmentation and scarring. It can be taken in the form of juice, with food, and capsule.

2. Carrots and beets- Carrots and beets are one of the best forms of iron. Beets and carrots have the ability to control rosacea. They can be consumed daily with food or in the form of juice.

3. Ashwagandha- This Ayurvedic medicine 'ashwagandha' used to treat the rosacea skin infection problem. They are one of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs to treat rosacea. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it strengthens the skin from within and helps in getting rid of rosacea puss. Ashwagandha can be applied in the form of an extract every alternate day to fetch great results.

4. Honey- Honey is a natural cleanser and antioxidant. This ayurvedic remedy directly attacks the rosacea causing virus and do not let them spread.

5. Fenugreek- Fenugreek is an ancient ayurvedic medicine that is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, and calcium. These ayurvedic herbs help the skin to glow and remove the reddish patches on the face. Its anti-inflammatory nature does not allow the pus to form. For more infornmation about ayurveda and health, stay connected with us.




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