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Mahakashaya(Great decoctions)-50 mahakashaya explained by AACHARYA CHARAK)

Mahakashaya(Great decoctions)-50 mahakashaya explained by AACHARYA CHARAK)

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Mahakashayas= Maha+kashayas

The word meaning is maha-great and kashayas meaning is decoctions

The mahakashayas are one of the fantastic concept explained by AACHARYA CHARAK in sutra sthana chapter 4,named as SHAD VIRECHANA SHATASHRITIYA ADHYAYA. This chapter explains 500 herbs by using which the decoctions can be prepared and grouped into 50 groups of 10 herbs each. These groups called maha kashayas.

50 mahakashaya are 50 great decoctions. Each mahakashaya comprise 10 herbs used to induce that action mentioned in the name of that decoction.

• Any mahakashaya is thus made up of 10 individual. The totel number of decoctions is 500.ex.-50 mahakashaya × individual Kashaya.

• The physician can also prepare Kashaya using 2/3 or all ingredients metioned in mahakashaya.

• Generally the term Kashaya is used for shruta type of pharmaceutical preparation mentioned above. But the ingredient of the mahakashaya shall also be used in other forms ex.-swarasa(juice),kalka(paste),heam(cold infusion), phant(hot infusion) etc.this is all types of pharmaceutical preparations are called as kashayas.

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF MAHAKASHAYA- The explanation of 50 mhakashaya given by aacharya charak are used as guidelines for practicing. Many of 500 herbs mentioned by aacharya charak in this context are either not available or not have maximum potency as probably they used to have in olden days.

50 MAHAKASHAYA- the mahakashaya elaborated in charak Samhita- Name of mahakashaya -Intended action of mahakashaya

Jivaniya -Providing nutrition

Brimhaniya -Weight promoting

Lekaniya -Weight reducing herbs

Bhedaniya -Purgatives

Sandhaniya -Unions promoters

Deepaniya -Digestives

Balya -Strength promoters

Varnya -Complexion promoters

Kanthya -Voice promoters

Hridhya -Cardiac tonics

Truptighna -Appetizers

Arshoghna -Anti-hemorrhoidals

Kusthaghan -Skin disese remedies

Kandughana -Antipruritics

Krimighana -Vermicides

Vishaghana -Anti-toxic herbs

Stanyajanana -Galactogogues

Stanyashodhana -Galacto purifiers

Shukrajanana -Spermopoietic

Sukrashodhana -Sperm purifiers

Snehopaga -Adjuvents in Oleation therapy

Swedopaga -Adjuvents in Sudation therapy

Vamanopaga -Adjuvents in Emetic therapy

Virechanopaga -Adjuvents in Purgative therapy

Asthapanopaga -Adjuvents in non-oily enemas

Anuvasnopaga -Adjuvents in oily enemas

Shirovirechanopaga -Adjuvants in errhine therapies

Chardi nigrahana -Anti-emetic

Trishna nigrahna -Anti-thrist herbs

hikkanigrahna -Anti hiccough herbs

Purisha sangrahaniya -Constipatory

Purishvirjniya -Correctives of fecal pigments

Mutrasangrahaniya -Urinary astringents

Mutravirjaniya -Correctives of urine pigments

Mutravirechanaiya -Diuretics

Kashahara -Brochial sedatives

Swasahara -Bronchial antispasmodics

Shothahara -Antiswelling herbs

Jwarhara -Antipyretics

Shramhara -Anti fatigue herbs

Dahaprashmana -Burning sensation controlling herbs

Shitaprsamna -Anticold herbs

Udardprashmna -Antiurticaria herbs

Angamardaprashmana -Restoratives

Sulaprashmna -Analgesis

Shonitasthapana- Haemostatics

Vedanasthapna -Anodynes

Samjnasthapan -Resuscitatives

Prajasthapana -Procreants

vayasthapna -Rejuvenators

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