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JEEVANIYA MAHAKASHAYA-Introduction, botanical name & family of jeevaniya mahakashaya drugs

JEEVANIYA MAHAKASHAYA-Introduction, botanical name & family of jeevaniya mahakashaya drugs

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Jivaniya mahakashaya- the word jeevaniya meaning is in favor of the well being of the individual and has the ability to improve the quality of the life.

• The 10 herbs in the group Jivaniya Mahakashaya those herbs that have life and Providing nutrition or promoting action .

• The Jivaniya Mahakashaya signified drugs beneficial for life.

• Aacharya charak explains the jivaniya mahakashaya herbs as mentioned in sutrasthana 4 th. Chapter.

• The mahakashaya are-

(जीवकर्षभकौ मेदा महामेदा काकोली क्षीरकाकोली मुद्गपर्णी माषपर्ण्यौ जीवन्ती मधुकमिति दशेमानि जीवनीयानि भवन्ति)

Jivaniya mahakashaya drugs are-

Drug name- botanical name- family

1) Jeevak-malaxis acuminate Linn. - orchidaceae

2) Rishabhaka-manilkara hexandra Linn.-orchaidaceae

3) Meda -polygonatum verticillatum Linn. - liliaceae

4) Mahameda -polygonatum verticillatum Linn.- liliaceae

5) Kakoli-fritillaria roylei Linn.- zingiberaceae

6) Kshira kakoli- Roscoea purpurea Linn. - Liliaceae

7) Mudgaparni-Phaseolus trilobus Linn.- Fabaceae

8) Mashaparni- Teramnus labialis Linn. - Papilionaceae

9) Jivanti-leptadenia reticulata Linn. - Asclepidaceae

10) Madhuka-Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. - Fabaceae

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