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Insomnia-Introduction, causes ,effect and Managment of Insomnia

Insomnia-Introduction, causes ,effect and Managment of Insomnia

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People with insomnia, commonly referred to as "sleeplessness," have problems getting to sleep.Lack of sleep causes an increase in Vata dosha, tissue wasting, emaciation, and diseases of wasting.

Causes of Insomnia

The following are some causes of insomnia:-

•Dehydration following diarrhea or vomiting,

•Excessive exercise, muscular cramps, A feeling that certain work could not be completed during the day.

• Sudden change in the state of health.

•Anger, fear and sorrow, apprehension, and Excess of sattva and decrease in tamas quality.

•Excessive Vata and Pitta doshas in the body [e.g. due to excessive dieting, eating excessive dry substances (like salad), excessive traveling, at night constant watching TV. in the evening, mental stress]

•A hard bed, bed bugs etc. or Sleeping in an awkward position, Emergency duties and Smoking in excess.

• Administration of emetics, purgatives and strong snuffs.

Insomnia Effects

•Heaviness of eyes and body, Yawing,

•painful or traumatic diseases.

•Drowsiness and Body ache.

• Exhaustion, Indigestion, Giddiness, or Diseases caused by excess of Vata.

Treatment of Insomnia

1. Oil massage and sandalwood paste are applied to the head and face.

2. Putting oil drops in the ear and applying soothing ointment to the eyes.

3.For individuals of Kapha constitution, deep massage of the kneading type with hands; bathing with cold water for persons with Pitta constitution; and bathing with hot water for persons with Vata and Kapha constitutions.




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