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Brimhaniya mahakashaya-introduction and short detail of Brimhaniya mahakashaya drugs

Brimhaniya mahakashaya-introduction and short detail of Brimhaniya mahakashaya drugs

Views: 48 | Updated On: | By Dr. Rachana Jangir

Brimhaniya mahakashaya- Brimhaniya mahakashaya is One of the fifty mahakashaya given one of them.

Brimhan meaning is that which is useful for enlarging the body, promotes the volume as well as weight of the body.

Brimhaniya mahakashaya refers to Weight promoting and nourishing group of herbs. These drugs are helping to gain the musculature and overcome the emaciation.

Such drugs are heavy,stable ,unctuous and soft in nature.

Mahakashaya are-

क्षीरिणी राजक्षवकाश्वगन्धाकाकोलीक्षीरकाकोलीवाट्यायनीभद्रौदनीभारद्वाजीपयस्यर्ष्यगन्धा इति दशेमानि बृंहणीयानि भवन्ति (charak Samhita 4/9)

1. KSHIRINI - Hemidismus indicus Linn., Family – Asclepidaceae

2. RAJAKSAVAKA- Euphorbia microphylla Linn., Family – Euphorbiaceae

3. ASWAGANDA - Withania somnifera Linn., Family – Solanaceae

4. KAKOLI - Lilium polyphyllum Linn.,Family Liliaceae

5. KSÌRAKAKOLÌ - Fritillaria roylei Linn., Family – Liliaceae

6. VATYAYANI -BALA (ROOT)– Sida cordifolia Linn., Family-Malvaceae

7. BHADRAUDANI- Sida cordifolia Linn., Family-Malvaceae

8. BHARDWAJI (VANAKARPASA)-Thespesia lampas Linn., Family-Malvaceae

9. PAYASYA (VIDARÌKANDA) - Pueraria tuberosa Linn., Family Fabaceae

10. RSYAGANDHA (VRIDHADARU) - Argyreia speciosa Linn.,Family- Convolvulaceae

Therapeutic uses-

The all above the drugs or any of these drugs are useful in emaciating disorder ,post fever debility, chronic cough, nervine disorders etc.

Ayurvedic formulations- brahma rasayana, brimhani gutika, chyavana prasha, vrishya gutika etc.

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