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ARALU - Introduction , Therapeutic properties, Uses, Dose

ARALU - Introduction , Therapeutic properties, Uses, Dose

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Botanical name – Oroxylum indicum Linn.

Family - Bignonaceae

Hindi name - Sonapatha

English name – Broken bones tree, midnight

Sanskrit names – Shyonak, Tuntuka, Pruthushimbi, Shukanasa, Kutannat , Katwang, Mandukparna , Patrona, Deerghavrunta, Aralu .

Yellow Shyonak - Bhallak, Deerghavrunta, Peetavruksha, Tentook, Bhootasara, Munidruma, Neesaar, Kunat, Virechan.

Botanical Description - Aralu is a big tree of 10 to 12 metres height. Leaves are also big. Legume is very long and wide like a sword. Therefore Its name is pruthushimbi. Leaf and flower stalks are also long (deerghavrunta). Flowers -red or purple. Petals of flowers have a bad smell and are fleshy. Seeds- shallow with wings, 0.75 cm. long and 1 cm. broad. It has some cotton also.

Habitat - All over India and Sri lanka.

Chemical composition - Baicalein, Tetuin, Oroxindin, Chrysin, Prunetin, B-sitosterol etc.

( Referance – Illustrated Dravyaguna Vijnana, Vol. ll, by Dr JLN Shastry)

Therapeutics Properties - Guna (qualities) – Laghu (lightness) ,ruksha(dryness)

Rasa(Taste) - Madhur, Tikta, Kashaya

Veerya- Ushna (Hot potency)

Vipak - Katu (taste conversion after digestion pungent)

Dosha - tridoshaghna. Shyonak is very useful on ama.

Uses- External uses - Root bark is useful in amavata, its kashaya i.e. decoction is used for external application as well as for internal use.

Dashamoola contains shyonak.

Intern uses – Digestive system - The juice of the root bark is useful in loss of appetite, anorexia ,worms, loose motions, amoebiasis, Inflammation etc. It is also used in disorders caused by ama.

Respiratory system - Useful in cough, asthma.

Urinary system - Cystitis. As it is a diaphoretic, it is used in disorders caused by obstruction of sweat.

Parts used - Root bark, fruit

Dosage - Ghana satva (water extract) – upto 1 gm, in divided dose,per day

powder - 3 to 6 mg

decoction in water - 40 to 80 ml.

Formulations - Dashamoolarishta, Dhanwantram taila .

(Reference - Ayurvedic pharmacology & Therapeutic uses of Medicinal plants) for more information about health and ayurveda ,stay connected with us




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