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AGNIMANTHA (Premna Integrifolia Linn.) Plant detail And Medicinal Uses

AGNIMANTHA (Premna Integrifolia Linn.) Plant detail And Medicinal Uses

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Here are the details of the plant Agnimantha and its medicinal uses.

Botanical name- Premna Integrifolia Linn.

Family- Verbenaceae

Gana- Shothahar, Sheetprashaman, Anuvasanopag(Charak), Brihatpanchamoola, Vatasamshamana, Veeratarvadi. Varunadi (Susurut)

Sanskrit names- Agnimantha , Ganikarika, Vataghni ,Jaya, Shriparna , Asavarika ,Ketu, Nadeyi Botanical Description- The tree grows up to a height of 8-10 meters. Bark-smoke coloured. Leaves-opposite, ovate, tapering and soft. Flowers are white, aromatic and in clusters. Fruits are small like coriander fruit.

Varieties- There are 2 varieties of Agnimantha. 1. Large variety known as Agnimantha which is described above. 2. Small variety is also known as Tarkari [Clerodendron Phlomoidis (Linn.) Habitat- Throughout India, mainly in the Gangetic plain, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa.


Guna -ruksha, laghu Rasa- tikta, katu, kashaya, Madhur

Vipak- katu Veerya - ushna.

DoshKarma- Kaphavatanashak.

External uses- Ushna property helps in clearing the obstruction of the channels and acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The paste of the leaves is used for sprains.

Internal uses

Circulatory system- Best anti-inflammatory drug.

Digestive system- Its appetizing, digesting and laxative properties are useful in loss of appetite, ama-dosha and constipation.

Nervous system- Used in neuralgia and acts as an analgesic; chiefly used in Vata disorders. Respiratory system: It alleviates Kapha and acts on diseases caused by obstruction of the respiratory system by vitiated Kapha e.g. cough, asthma and the common cold.

Urinary system- It has effects on Kapha, Meda and the urinary tract. Therefore useful in urinary chyluria. The decoction of the root is used in pyuria.

skin disorders.-Pulp of its root is given orally in the treatment of urticaria useful part- Leaves and root bark.

Dosage- Powder 0.5- 1 gm., juice 15-25 ml., decoction - 60-100 ml.

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